Submitted March 11, 2011 by Dave Anderson
At our March meeting this year we had a visitor apply for membership - sight unseen!   That is, he had not even been out to our field yet. . . but because of the meeting participation and information available on the website, this experienced flyer was ready to join!   His confidence in our leadership, facilities and members is acknowledgement of the structure and vitality of our club.  Congratulations!
How does that happen?  Well - as always, it's not by accident!  With acknowledgement for our appointed officers that officiate the club and keep the books, take a look around next time you're at the field!  Who's painting the pilot's tables, emptying that trash can, re-filling the first aid kit?  Who's mowing the grass and painting the safety lines?  Who's coordinating with the fairgrounds?  How does the road get serviced, and who put up the safety barriers?  Who's posting the signs and policing the litter?  If you come out to fly, then I hope you will consider taking a more active role in the management of your club.
Club members should know and appreciate club members like Ted Atmore who ensures the trash can is emptied, does the mowing and paints our safety lines.  Tom O'Neal maintains our first aid kit and monitors other safety concerns. Dick Dower maintains the newsletter and submits club-wide emails.  Jim Taylor presents opportunities like excursions to RC expositions at discounted rates on Horizon Air/Alaska Airlines and coordinates the Christmas party each year.  Randy Boardman supports our fun-fly schedule.  Trainers like Dave Agar and Frank Williams maintains our club trainers for those who wish to experience piloting for the first time.  Luis Munoz helps to maintain our club assets.  John Shirron manages prizes for the meetings and works to pad our club savings with the proceeds.  Steve Piper has managed our clubs funds for years now - and he doesn't even fly ( for now! - C'mon Steve - let's get you back in the air!)!  Larry Tate sponsors our "Scale Fun Fly" - there are others that I could mention. . . like Ed Weiss who is always on the sidelines ready to help.  And regular participants at our meetings, or course, ensure debate and the needed quorums.  All of these good-natured fliers do what they do to ensure a good flying experience for all of us!
With a record number of members this year, we can look forward to full participation at our fun-fly's, and surely the pleasant days of summer will fill our tables with exciting planes and new fliers.  As members, we have an obligation to participate not just in flying, but in the operations of the club.  A growing membership helps to ensure that we remain viable with excellent facilities, providing for a very enjoyable flying experience!  Let's not leave the inherit responsibilities and necessities to the goodwill of just a few!  Let's all do our part!
As fliers and friends, we can and should be willing to assist.  Please consider how you can help and plan to attend the meetings this summer.  If you're not sure what you can do, or if you have suggestions, please contact me or any club officer or director.  The website has the contact information for all of our officers and directors on the "Members Only" link.  Here are just a few suggestions for your consideration:
Field Maintenance
Club Photographer
Anniversary Committee
Sponsor a Fun Fly
Submit articles for newsletter
Club Historian
Website assistance
Field Search Committee
Community Events/Boy Scouts Coordinator
Flight Training
Flight and/or repair/construction Instructor
Swap Meet coordinator
and many, many more!
I'm looking forward to a great year, and you can help make it possible!  As we all participate, we can share in the pride of association and accomplishment that will surely prevail.  Congratulations on helping to make the oldest club the area be the best it can be for all of us!
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